Open the chords of your heart by plunging your soul into the world of music. Whether connecting yourself with music as a hobby, a therapy, or a gateway to obtaining the prestigious Trinity College Certification, sign up at kauronlineeducation to be connected with an experienced, talented, and highly trained Music Tutor, who specializes in providing excellent Online Music lessons.

Certified in Trinity College in the UK( electric guitar)
Certified in ABRSM in the UK (classic guitar)
Certified in EVA at CUBA( piano &Drums)
Known skills: classic guitar, electric guitar, piano, Drums, and vocals
Spoken languages: Spanish, French, and English

Roll in music 🎶 this Summer 🏝️
The Summer of 2023!

Make it special:
Get rid of the heat with the heart-touching chords of the piano 🎹

Wipe away the sweat through the strumming of the guitar 🎸

Let your soul float on the chantings of the violin 🎻

Our specialties:
Guitar Acoustic and Electric
Drums and Vocals

And…the story just begins NOW

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