LNAT is a Qualifying Aptitude Test conducted by universities to select candidates for undergraduate law courses. This test is not a test of knowledge of law or any other subject it only aims to assess the aptitude, inclination and interest of potential candidates aspiring for a course in Law.



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The Law National Aptitude Test is required if you are applying for law degrees. LNAT works with LNAT Consortium Ltd in partnership with Pearson VUE which is the computer-based testing business of Pearson Education. LNAT preparation classes online in Dubai can help you to prepare for the LNAT classes from home. The test finds your intellectual capabilities rather than knowledge about a particular subject. The LNAT test is divided into the following sections: philosophy, law, politics, ethics, science, education, and media. You do not need to have a thorough knowledge of these subjects but just some understanding of these subjects and current affairs is required.

LNAT content is managed by members of the LNAT Consortium. This test is administered with the help of Pearson Vue in association with the LNAT Consortium. LNAT section is composed of sections A and B. Section A is composed of reasoning and reading skills. These skills are an essential part of tasks that need a response that pledges an argument, spots faults, and knows numerous understandings during the training and preparation of law. The LNAT preparation can help you to clear the test with good scores, and move towards a higher level.

LNAT Section B evaluates your response on the persuasion of your script, stable opinion with indication, structure, grammar, style, quality, and other aspects of normal inscribed English. You will need to submit an appropriate response to the writing ability. You can answer one question out of the three questions. You can complete the task in 40 minutes. LNAT Section A is scored on a scale of 0 to 42. LNAT Section B does not have any core. You can present your LNAT score to the universities where you are applying for law admission. LNAT Preparation online in Dubai can help you to complete the test and pursue higher education.