Olympiad International

Do you wish to know the standing of your child in comparison with other students on a similar educational level globally? Let your child participate in the Olympiad International exam, a worldwide examination conducted by multiple organizations. Olympiad International leads the students to be connected with a well-established International platform to assess their competitive standing as compared to other students at the same educational level worldwide.

Created by educators, your child’s academic and mental aptitude can be  assessed on their grade-level subject matter expertise on the Olympiad International platform to compete globally on specific subjects like Math, Science, Country, Aptitude, History etc.


  • Fee per child per Olympiad session: $20 (non-refundable)
  • For Olympiad exam preparation of 10-hour duration for Mental Aptitude and Math fill up the Registration Form and contact us for further details.
  • Students can participate on any one of the two days. The test can only be attempted once during any of the two days. 
  • The test window will be open from 12 noon PST on Day 1 to 11:59 pm PST of Day 2. The student can take the test anytime between these 48 hours.
  • The test duration is one hour.
  • Each student should have a unique Email address for the test.
  • Students will receive a unique link, instructions, syllabus and practice sheets upon payment.  Online coaching options will also be available.

Upcoming Olympiads

Mental Aptitude Olympiad: 14 & 15 October. Saturday & Sunday

(Areas tested in Mental Aptitude: Logic, Memory and Focus, Problem Solving, Algorithmic Thinking)

Math Olympiad: 14 & 15 October. Saturday & Sunday

What is the use of the Olympiad?

Olympiad provides students to think out of the box and to develop greater self-confidence through exposure to the competitive world to enhance their learning skills at national and international levels. 

What is the Aim of the Olympiad?

It provides the candidates with a platform to step out of the school environment and evaluate their performance in competition with peers at the national and international levels. The certificate and medals obtained carve the path for access to reputed international colleges and Universities for higher studies. 

What are the benefits of qualifying for the Olympiad?

Kaur Online Education allows the candidate to sign up for the Olympiad exam with an international Olympiad Examination Centre for the online exam. It also provides a unique platform for students to prepare for the exam through a crash course of 10 hours which will help perfect the student’s knowledge, and skill and boost confidence to participate in the Olympiad exam and walkway with trophies!

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    14 & 15 October. Saturday & Sunday
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