Advance Psychology Classes

Advanced Psychology Classes

Are you ready to delve deeper into the fascinating world of Psychology? Our advanced Psychology Classes offer you an unparalleled opportunity to explore the depths of this field and become a true master of Psychology.

Discover the Power of In-Depth Understanding, Recent Research, and Real-World Applications.

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Discover a New World: Master the Fundamentals & Real World Application: Starting with the theories propounded by great psychologists, we strengthen the fundamental concepts that underpin psychological principles in close association with real-world application.

You can learn it all

  • Schools of Psychology
  • Branches of Psychology
  • Identification and Therapeutic Techniques for the Treatment of Mental Disorders
  • Statistical Techniques for Research in Psychology

Experienced Instructors: Learn from our highly qualified and experienced tutors with in-depth subject knowledge and a passion for Psychology.

Engaging Learning Environment: Our interactive classes make it easier to grasp complex concepts and theories.

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Stanley Milgram – An American Social Psychologist, best known for his controversial experiments on obedience


Stanley Milgram – Topic A – Social Psychology (Unit 1)


Sigmund Freud – The Founder of Psychoanalysis

Famous for his theory of personality and therapeutic techniques like free association and dream analysis

B F Skinner

Considered as the Father of Behaviorism

Proposed the theory of Operant Conditioning

B F Skinner and Sigmund Freud- Topic D – Learning Theories and Development (Unit 2)