The ACT exam, or American College Test, is a national standardized test of assessment of aptitude, mental application and critical thinking. The exam results of students are carefully reviewed by Colleges and universities in the United States, when admitting students to schools; the exam results are supported with  ACT scores, which are an important factor of selection.

The ACT test covers four essential academic skill areas, namely English, Mathematics, Reading, and Scientific Reasoning.

The ACT test also offers an optional direct writing test. It is accepted by all four-year colleges and universities in the United States and also in more than 225 universities outside of the U.S.

The main four ACT test sections are individually Scored on a scale of 1–36, and a composite score (the rounded whole number average of the four sections) is provided, which leads the admission committees to decide the selection.



Get Prepared with Our ACT Examination Preparation Online in Dubai

ACT (American College Testing) is an eligibility test. This standard is specifically set for the people who aim to travel to the USA in terms of studies or careers. At Kaur online education, we provide ACT examination preparation online in Dubai. The course and multiple tests in our program will enable you to test your potential and work on it.

We serve as a tool that presents you stats for how well you do in the English language. If you desire to get admission to a university/college in the USA, you can take the ACT examination preparation and cover all other sections along with English speaking. The ACT is a comprised test of all of your skills. It covers Maths, general knowledge, English and many other subjects.

Why Choose us for ACT Exam preparation in Dubai?

Kaur online education provides you with a direction. We are a leading institute for ACT preparation in Dubai. Let’s talk about why you should choose us to help you train for exams like the ACT and SAT. Among many factors, the most important part is access to learning material and a flexible learning environment. Use tips and techniques that build a concrete foundation for your career. Once you clear an ACT examination, you will have a gateway to multiple careers or educational opportunities.

But why should you choose Kaur online education for ACT examination preparation out of all other institutes?

  • English and math ACT trainer with experience.
  • Practice exams or mock exams.
  • Classes for the ACT exam recordings.
  • Expert teachers who will impart concepts and tactics.
  • Additional Diagnostic Exams
  • A flexible timetable that takes into account students’ available time.
  • Classroom-style training as well as online instruction.
  • We help with exam schedules.


Schedule of Our ACT examination preparation


The ACT exam has five sections. The English section comprises five passages with 15 questions. The math section comprises Algebra, Coordinate geometry, Elementary Trigonometry, Reasoning, and Problem-solving based questions. The reading section has four passages which include sections from social science, prose, fiction, natural science, and humanities genres. There are seven passages in the science section. These are used to assess the problem-solving and critical analysis skills of students. The writing section is optional in the ACT exam. The students are given passages with viewpoints. They have to analyze the different viewpoints and their pros and cons. They can also present their opinion on the issue.

You take four tests from which you are given an average of 1-36 score. This score is an indication of the skills you possess. The ACT examination preparation online in Dubai will prepare you for this 2 hours and 55-minute test. We will work hard to help you score better and secure your spot among the many potential applicants.

What is the ACT, and why is it Important?

ACT is a standard set by the USA. It helps them to choose eligible candidates on the basis of merit. The test helps them to be unbiased towards any individual. Most universities support this standard and use it as a criterion to get admission to the institute. Since most universities approve of this standard, it has now become a common criterion.

Most colleges prefer to choose candidates on the basis of an ACT exam. So you need to take the ACT examination preparation online in Dubai along with a good GPA and sports activities. If you are worried about the score, we will help you be good at it. Kaur online education believes in testing your potential through multiple channels and helping you get better in the fields that you are good at.

There are many advantages to choosing ACT examination preparation. Some of them are stated below:

  • The course starts with a diagnostic exam that assesses the student’s strengths and limitations, and lessons are then scheduled appropriately.
  • We adhere to a structured training plan that includes regular assessments and evaluations.
  • We administer timed MOCK examinations at the end of each session and provide feedback to the students and parents to track their development.
  • We promise to increase your score using our time-saving techniques.
  • To provide enough attention, we offer one-on-one instruction.

Get Prepared for the ACT Exam Now!

American College Testing is standardized testing that is done to permit students to enter colleges and universities in the USA. ACT exams are conducted to judge the ability of students to cover important areas. They are prepared to answer questions on the basis of their ability in math, science, reading, and English. ACT exams are conducted both in written and online formats. ACT examination preparation online in Dubai helps students to cover important sections of the ACT exam. The students can get mentoring and preparation tips from our expert tutors. The online ACT coaching classes in Dubai can help you during the preparation for the ACT examination. You can rely on our superior services.

Many institutions utilize the ACT as an additional entrance exam to determine admissions. Calculating a student’s readiness for college is the goal of ACT test prep. It varies from school to school how significant ACT scores are in the college admission process. The test results you provide are evaluated by college admissions officers together with your high school GPA, extracurricular involvement, and personal essays.

ACT examination preparation online in Dubai can help students to complete the test with dedication and commitment. These students can get the help of experienced mentors who can help them in their learning journey. We offer personalized sessions to the students and guide them through the ACT exam. We offer the resources and materials for the students to complete their studies. The trainers are experienced in Math and English. They are given mock classes and guidance from experienced mentors and instructors. We help them with the booking of the classes. The students are offered a flexible schedule for their studies.