Dear Parents, have you been contemplating the idea of sending your child to a boarding school? Is it proving to be a difficult decision for you? Are you experiencing myriad fears?

Well, there is no reason for you to feel like that. Sending your child to a boarding school can have great advantages; first and foremost, the pain of separation from home and the parents will only make your child stronger; it provides an opportunity to learn to deal with new people, new situations, new surroundings and the world at large, singularly, which is to your child’s advantage.


  • It will boost your child’s confidence.
  • It will enhance his/ her self-esteem.
  • It will enable your child to trust his/her own opinions and decisions.
  • It will lead your child to become a leader in his/ her own life, leading others.
  • The numerous challenges will ensure to bring out the best in your child.
  • Living in a disciplined and controlled environment, there will be ample opportunities to cultivate personal talents and potential.
  • Boarding school life eliminates the chances of distraction through the overuse of Technology and the restrictive allotment of timing, the wide range of extracurricular activities provided all in one place, provides the chance for the personality to blossom to its fullest potential.
  • Given the individual responsibility, your child will try his/ her utmost to bring out the best in themselves.

  • Living in an environment where your child will interact with students from different places and backgrounds, it will strengthen the ability to adjust and interact with others.
  • It will provide a healthy environment for competition and success.
  • Last but not least, the separation will wean your child away from an overprotective, indulgent home environment and enable him/her to appreciate the value of family, parents and home.
    Much like the two sides of a coin Boarding School decisions may pose certain disadvantages, such as:
  • The separation from home may lead some children to become introverts due to homesickness leading to a sense of isolation.
  • It may not be very easy for all children to adjust to strangers in an alien environment, causing anxiety and stress.
  • Being away from parents and their constant surveillance may cause certain deviations, however, all said and done, the percentage of success rate outweighs the disadvantages by far!

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