Analytical Writing Assessment
Learn to think critically and to communicate your ideas clearly.

Integrated Reasoning
Practice analysing data and evaluating information presented in multiple formats.

Quantitative Reasoning
Learn to draw conclusions using reasoning skills.

Verbal Reasoning
Improve your ability to read and understand written material.

Practice evaluating arguments and to correct written material to conform to standard written English.



Graduate Management Admission Test is performed by the students to assess their analytical, critical, reasoning, and logical sections. The test is used to assess the critical reasoning of students. You can attempt both the quantitative and verbal sections of the GMAT course. The GMAT exam is conducted every month, and the student needs to register on the site to perform the test. You can register on to book for the GMAT test. You will need to pay $250 to complete the test. We offer the best training for the GMAT exam with the best syllabus and method of training. The best online GMAT preparation courses in Dubai can help you to prepare for the GMAT exams.

We have trained instructors who can help you to complete the best online GMAT preparation courses in Dubai. The GMAT exam model consists of analytical reasoning assessment, integral reasoning, verbal reasoning, and quantitative reasoning. In the analytical reasoning assessment, you can assess a short paragraph and then critically evaluate it. While the students will synthesize lots of data in analytical reasoning. Quantitative reasoning assesses the reasonability of students. Verbal reasoning is used to assess the English of students through reading knowledge, sentence modification, and also critical reasoning.

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