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What Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Learn English?

There are almost 6500 spoken languages throughout the world. But the question is, why learn English? It is known as the third spoken language throughout the world. Also, this language is taught in 118 countries. It is also known as the trade language. You may also call it the language of tourism, science, computers, and aviation. Other than this, English is the communication language.

Whether you have to learn a language for personal or professional reasons, it is better to learn English to reach your goals.

In this blog, we will read out the reasons why to learn English. Also, if you are looking for the best places to learn English online, then consider participating in the English learning courses at Kaur Online Education. So, let’s start first to know why you must learn English.

Is learning English easy?

Some people think that it is challenging and tough to learn English. Well! The easiness or difficulty of English learning relies on some factors. These include native language, exposure to language, motivation, and learning style. Some people can easily learn English. At the same time, some find it difficult to learn English.

English is now become an official language. So, it is known as the language of communication, education, and business. However for English learning, there are many resources. These may be exchange programs, online courses, and textbooks.

English is the most complex language. But it also has some irregularities such as spelling, grammar, and pronunciation. You may also find it difficult to understand idioms and phrases. English is also the language of transport, airports, trains, and stations. For travelers, understanding the signs and announcements in English is crucial. This helps to get smooth travel.

5 Reasons Why You Should Learn English?

English is famous as a business, education and communication language. With more globalization of the world, everyone needs to speak English. It is the time to explore the reasons why to learn English.

1. English is an International Communication Language

English is not known as the most spoken language. At the same time, it is the official language in almost 53 countries. However, it is known to be the first spoken language among 400 million people. It is also the second common language. The British Council claims that there are almost 2 billion people studying English.

There are many chances when you meet a person from another country. So knowing and speaking English helps you to communicate.

2. English gives access to more knowledge of the Internet

Research shows that almost 565 million people use the Internet. However, almost 52% of sites are in English. Those students who know how to speak and write in English can communicate well on the Internet about any query.

That is why you need to learn English to access most of the internet content. Whether you understand English for fun or work, it will help you to share information with people online.

3. English makes it easier to travel

English is known as the most spoken language in 53 countries. However, it is also the second language in almost 118 countries. So learning this language means making your travel easier. Commonly, announcements, timetables, information, and signs are shown in English. So if you travel to a country where someone understands English, you can enjoy travel.

4. English can make you ‘Smarter’

Learning English means improving your mental and analytical skills. However, it is difficult to learn a new language. According to research, it is revealed that learning a new language fosters the brain. Also, it affects the brain’s memory and makes your mind creative. Moreover, language can keep the brain powerful and healthy. So it can support concentration and memory skills.

5. Expand Your Social Opportunities:

When you speak a language, it means you can interact with other speaking people. However, when you learn to speak English. Then it means you can interact with all people. It means learning English helps you connect with people from different cultures. You may also connect with people from other continents and countries.

Other than this, English helps to make friends internationally. You may make friends from different continents.


English is known as a famous and spoken language. Almost billions of people speak English in daily and business life. That is why you must learn English and become a master of it. But the best way is to learn the basics. Get an idea of the reasons for learning English and start learning.

Also, if you are looking for the best learning places online, then consider Kaur Online Education to learn English in an easier way!

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