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How to Start Learning the French Language for Beginners?

French is the most beautiful and undeniable language. It is so attractive in the way it sounds. But many people think that it is a difficult language and becoming a master in it is challenging.

So to help you know how to start learning the French language, we have designed this blog. So read the most important 6 steps for learning from Kaur Online Education.

Step 1. Start by learning French sounds

It is true that almost 29% of English words originated from French. So we can say that French is almost as same as English. That is why learning French is so easy if you already know English very well. But there are letters that have different accents. If you have a better grip on such letters, then you are a master. Make sure to focus on sound, not on letters in French Language Classes.

In French, 23 consonants and 16 vowels are present. If you know English, then you know 20 consonants and 6 vowels. It means you just need to learn 3 consonants and 10 vowels. So make sure to learn all the French alphabet and the sounds of letters.

Step 2. Start speaking French (now)

Maybe you do not feel good for the first time when you speak French. But with time and practice, you get used to it. To improve speaking skills, follow these steps:

Get a French tutor

Though the active and passive voice is easy but talking to a native speaker is difficult. So make sure to book online lessons in French Language Classes. It will allow you to get a listening experience. Also, it will enhance your French speaking skills.

Find a language exchange.

Language exchange programs are good to help you learn French. Here you can connect with native speakers and exchange your ideas. You can also make partners and friends to get benefits.

Taking part in such programs is a good idea if you have enough budget. It is because some platforms, such as Kaur Online Education, conduct programs and are expensive.

Step 3. Read in French

You can’t become a master of the French language until you read its literature. Don’t try to read difficult books such as Hugo or Proust at first. But don’t neglect reading French to enhance your reading skills. Make sure to start with simple and easy books and then move towards difficult ones.

Also, you can read books whose plot you already know, such as Harry Potter. Plus you can read French newspapers in French Language Classes.

Step 4. Pay special attention to audio

Maybe now you are at a high level of comprehension. But still, it will be difficult for you to understand French when anyone speaks. It is because of the difference between written and spoken French. These two things are significantly different.

So make sure to listen to French audio regularly at Kaur Online Education. Try to enhance your vocabulary, and don’t stop understanding different words.

Step 5. Watch Movies and TV in French

Not only French books, newspapers, and audios are important. You should also immerse yourself in watching different French shows and movies. This way, you can get a better understanding of communication patterns. Also, it helps you to have a better grip on French culture. Another benefit is that French movies enhance your skills to think in French.

It is good to first watch movies with French subtitles. Then switch to movies without subtitles and try to improve listening skills. You can also stop the movie in between to take notes and repeat phrases.

Step 6. Start your vocabulary by learning French words and phrases

You can’t become a master without learning basic things from Kaur Online Education. Make sure to start French learning from vocabulary and phrases. Also, try to learn or practice words that help you to meet French people.

Try to ask basic questions and introduce yourself. If you forget phrases and words, then use notes to write everything and meaning. You can ask for online expert help from Kaur Online Education to become fluent in French!