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IELTS Examination Preparation: Self-Study vs. Classroom Instruction

We have seen much debate and confusion between self and classroom study. Both these mediums are not so different from each other. But merits and pitfalls make both of these separate. So, students must know about each fact and detail of both mediums. In the past, there was a balance of activists in both mediums.

Are you looking for the right medium to learn IELTS? Well! You should go for classroom or individual study. But you should have a coach or supervision. Learning IELTS by self-study is not easy. So to get good marks in IELTS, make sure to learn from Kaur Online Education.


Maybe you have got your education in English medium school. Maybe you are an English native speaker. But still, you need coaching to clear an IELTS exam. The reason is that only basic learning is insufficient to pass the exam.

Let’s discuss some challenges that you may face while taking an IELTS exam:


“I have a month to prepare for the IELTS exam.” It is the main mistake that a common candidate commits. Thinking of having much time may postpone plans and work. Not only this thinking, but many other things also keep you away from preparation. These may be activities, fun with friends, and more.

No one wants to prepare for a boring exam. Thus, students acquire new ways for IELTS Examination Preparation in Dubai.

In the end, you rush and start preparing for the exam before 5 days. Moreover, it is called self-study, which is never a recommended option. It only makes you feel nervous, which has a bad impact on your IELTS score.

It is an important exam that demands coaching and supervision. A supervisor gives you the right instructions on time. Not only this, you may get scores of your desire.

Lack of Responsibility:

A rich and financially stable candidate will never be a responsible learner. Commonly, parents push their children towards this side, but they are not interested. It means the children are not responsible and do not go for preparation.

The IELTS Examination Preparation in Dubai demands a responsible and serious candidate. But unfortunately, many candidates don’t take it seriously. As a result, they waste their money and end up with bad scores. So they again need to take this exam.

So each candidate must take all classes to pass this exam. Never go for self-study because it will never make you responsible.

Use of Time:

Maybe you have decided to prepare and pass an IELTS exam. But you have many other tasks to complete in daily life. In that case, Kaur Online Education allows you to prepare a flexible time. It means you may get classes after the completion of other tasks.

Too Many Cooks:

As many online platforms and websites help in IELTS Examination Preparation. But Youtube is also the most famous platform. You may learn about IELTS from blogs and videos.

But the drawback is that these videos and online sites give you little information. You may get complete information only by coaching. Your coach is the only one who teaches you in all ways. He helps you to solve all quizzes and queries. If you want to study by yourself. You will only waste time.

Tips and Tricks to Follow for Successful IELTS Examination Preparation in Dubai

Now we will discuss some tips for IELTS Examination Preparation in Dubai. Carefully implement all these tips to overcome your weakness.

For better preparation for IELTS, you should follow the TPT method. This method helps you to analyze the point where you stand. After taking this test, you may know your strengths and weaknesses. So you may explore different tips to improve your strengths and overcome weaknesses. It is only possible with the help of an online tutor at Kaur Online Education.


Self-study is a good option when you don’t have to pass a critical exam. When you have to pass an essential exam such as IELTS. No one recommends you self-study. The better option here is to learn from Kaur Online Education. The experts at this platform give you proper tips and tricks to show your full potential!