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How to Get German Language Certificate – Achieving German Certificates

It is necessary for each emigrant to get some German certificates. There are many reasons for this. Many institutions are providing instructions and taking exams all over the world. So, it is necessary for students to get a German certificate. Read to know how you can get the best range of German certifications!

Types of certification for the German language

How to get a German language certificate? Many exams and certificates are there which help you to learn German language skills. So, it is up to you which type you select. But it is based on the reason why you need it.

Some people want certification to study in Germany. In comparison, some want to get a residence permit or visa. This article will highlight some common German certificates that you must get.

German Language Certificates for the Purpose of Family Reunification in Germany

It is necessary for foreign families to show their skills to speak the German language. It is important if they are living in a third country and want to apply for a residence permit.

These countries include Australia, Canada, Israel, Korea, New Zealand, Japan, and the USA. After having a German certificate, you may apply for a family reunion in Germany. So, you must take German language skills before leaving Germany.

Moreover, if you do not have any idea where you need to get a German certificate, then it is good for you to take the German proficiency exam. For this, you may take help from kauronlineeducation.


How to get a German language certificate? It is an organization that is funded by the German Government. This organization helps in promoting learning and cultural skills. This organization consists of almost 160 institutes in almost 99 countries.

From these institutes, you may attempt many exams. So, it becomes easy for you to get a German certificate at six levels.

Now, it is easy for expats to take exams from any Goethe-Institut. Moreover, they have the option to take exams from the institute partners. When you get the certificate from this institute, you may easily apply for a German visa, residence permit, and citizenship.

Telc Deutsch

It is another certification that allows expats to take certificates for almost ten different languages. There are almost 2.009 test centers in almost 21 different countries. Commonly this certificate requires you to pass the exams with some specific topics.

These include medical languages, university admission, and language for careers. This certificate is the right option to get a residency permit, visa, and citizenship in Germany. For this, you may take help from kauronlineeducation.

TestDaF (Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache)

How to get a German language certificate? It is another German certificate that is the best option for non-native German speakers. This is the better option for those who want to study and work in Germany. There are almost 171 test centers in 96 different countries.

German language proficiency levels

There are many organizations that provide you with German certificates. But the above-mentioned certificates are given by the CEFR. It is an international organization that helps to develop language skills.

Moreover, this organization assesses language skills based on learning, writing, reading, listening and speaking. The following are levels of German language proficiency that kauronlineeducation focus on:

Level A (Basic User)

This level has two sections. One is the A1 which is beginner level, and the other is the A2 which is elementary level. This level is the basic one that is the best option for those who need to get a visa and residence permit. Moreover, this level helps people to move to Germany. For this level, you need to study at least 60 and 200 hours.

Level B (Independent User)

How to get a German language certificate? This level has two sections. One is the B1 which is intermediate level, and the other is the B2 which is upper intermediate. If you want to become eligible for German citizenship, you need to get this level of proficiency. To achieve this level, you need to study at least 650 hours.

Level C (Proficient User)

This level has two sections. One is the C1 which is an advanced level, and the other is C2 which is proficient. You need to have this level of proficiency. Then you should enter German language courses. To get this level, you need to study for at least 1-2 hours. For this, you may get help from kauronlineeducation.


The best way is to learn German and get a German certificate. No doubt, a German certificate is the best way to boost your mind and opportunities.

When you have a German certificate, it allows you to get help from different tools. Moreover, it develops many skills in reading, writing, and speaking. Suppose you want to boost your German language skills. The best way is to get help from kauronlineeducation. The platform is the best solution to get German skills and certificates!

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