1.What is Online Homeschooling?

The world around us is evolving every day. We have witnessed evolution in every walk of life and in every field. In education unlimited vistas of learning have been tapped and perfected. The advancement in technology has made the world one as the process of globalization has been knitted stronger through to the online networking facilities.

Strangely enough at the time of the highest time of technological advancements, likewise, in every field of education, homeschooling is a concept that takes us back a few centuries when the tutors would come home to teach to deliver private lessons to the children of the Aristocracy, Lords and ladies. In the present day world, there is a movement towards the same, however, with a difference.

Technology has replaced the physical aspect with the technical aspect so that homeschooling is once again becoming progressively successful where the tutoring is done at home or anywhere else outside school. Students can be connected with the tutors online and gain all the knowledge on the given platforms. Homeschooling is a progressive movement around the world in which parents educate their children at home instead of sending them to a traditional public or private school. Homeschooling or homeschooling, also known as home education or elective home education, is the education of school-aged children at home or in a variety of places other than a school.

Why Online homeschooling?

  • The most important answer to this is that there seems to be a growing necessity for students worldwide to opt for private tutoring, and extra learning in order to supplement school learning which is found to be inadequate both by students and parents.
  • As an answer to the concerns expressed by some parents that there is no evidence of the children’s performance at school in terms of the possibility to view their work, the corrections and the supporting feedback, this facility has been created for online homeschooling where every lesson is accounted for using different methodologies and tools such as Google Docs, Google Slides, jam board, powerpoints, mind maps, handouts and much more where the detailed work of the students is available including each step of the editing, the Re-do, and the final piece of work which is fully corrected, marked and awarded by the respective tutors. All the marking is done according to the board and the syllabus rubrics.
  • In view of the regular School assessments and the obtaining of grades, it is deemed necessary to arrange for extra lessons taken privately online or in person.
  • Some parents have even come to the point of considering it a waste of time and money to enrol children in schools, as additionally, they have to arrange for extra learning, incurring expenses manifold.
  • Why should there be a need for extra learning?
  • There could be multiple reasons responsible for this.
  • Considering all perspectives homeschooling is being considered to be a viable option by parents worldwide.
  • Not to forget the mention of environmental control, traffic control, saving of time wasted in commuting- homeschooling provides a wonderful option
  • Homeschooling promotes good communication and emotional closeness within a family.
  • Research shows that the two most important factors in reading and overall educational success are positive home influence and parental involvement; homeschooling provides both.
  • Accommodating special situations

What are the aims and purposes?

  • An individual-based curriculum is planned in keeping with the School Curriculum
  • In homeschooling, the curriculum is customized to the student’s interest as well as limitations
  • Control over educational philosophies – Parents can ensure their children are taught in line with educational philosophies that suit their child’s learning style.

4. What are the advantages and disadvantages?


  • Academic flexibility. Homeschooling satisfies the most essential requirements of each student, especially in view of health and financial issues
  • Parent choice of pace and approach. It controls the approach and pace of learning as per individual and grade requirements without losing focus on the graduation requirements.
  • Efficient & Meaningful learning. It is felt by most parents and students that homeschooling provides effective learning without waste of time commuting as in addition to School enrollment, the students still need to take extra lessons in the evening
  • Time for activities unavailable in schools. You can make time for games not offered in school, the outdoors, projects following special interests, the arts, and real experiments.
  • This leads to benefits in mental and physical health

It may be reiterated that homeschooling is not a substitute for regular schooling. The concept of homeschooling being offered at our platform is to cater to the additional requirements of the students and parents and in exceptional cases where homeschooling is being preferred for economic reasons, health pertaining considerations and more.


  • Lack of physical interaction
  • Absence of curriculum structure
  • Lack of facilities
  • Some kids who were homeschooled recall having a smaller circle of friends
  • More time to be involved in the community whether through volunteer opportunities or community projects

5.How does it supplement normal schooling?

Homeschooling provided through online lessons in the case of Online learning provides a systematic and directly accessible connection between the tutor and the student even without the physical presence. Wonderful tools such as the whiteboard, Google Docs, Google Slides, powerpoints, videos, and mindmaps enhance student learning and clarify doubts and questions which may not be attended to in regular School time when there are a large number of students and the Teachers need to cater to the requirements of all and the classrooms as a whole. Homeschooling supplements the knowledge gained in schools by filling up the gaps in the students’ learning during school hours.

‘Homeschooling’ Salutes learning for the sake of enhanced learning

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